USCG Captain’s License Application Process

The following is a list of all requirements with links of items to submit to the USCG to apply for a Captain’s License.

(This is only a guide and requirements are subject to change at any time without notice)

  • *

  • ($145 for original, $95 for renewal)

    • Credential Category: “Officer Endorsements Only”

    • Type of Endorsement: “Original Officer Endorsement: $100” (For renewal apps: “Officer Renewal: $50”)

    • Examination/Testing Fees: “Course in Lieu of Exam: $0”

    • Issuance Fees: “Pay MMC Issuance fee now: $45”

  • Can be completed by any Doctor or Physician.

    • (410) 280-9500 - Medical and Drug Test

    • (410) 956-6800 - Medical and Drug Test

    • (410) 268-3627 - Medical only

  • signed by certified Medical Review Officer. Or letter of compliance in random testing program.
    Can be ordered from

  • Photocopy of Proof of Citizenship* (Passport or Birth Certificate)
    For Renewal include a copy of your License

  • Military: Officer Fit Reps or history of assignments.
    For time on your own boat also include proof of ownership: a copy of the title, registration card, or documentation certificate.

  • Photocopies of Course Completion Certificates:

    • Master or OUPV Certificate* (For renewal: License Renewal Course Certificate in lieu of add’l sea time)

    • First Aid/CPR with AED course certificate* (completed within one year from an approved provider)

    • Assistance Towing Course Certificate* (if applicable)

    • Auxiliary Sail Endorsement Course Certificate* (if applicable - Master only)

Submit all Items to local by mail, in person, or by following
* Items with asterisk are not required for Renewal (with no modifications to License type)

USCG Forms list an expiration date of 03/2021, however these are still the most recent forms and are still being accepted