Plumbing and boat systems class set up…

  1. What is taught in Marine systems and Plumbing course?

This introductory 2-day class is designed for recreational boaters and professional mariners who are looking to better understand the way common systems work on board vessels. Over the two days, we take a holistic look at the systems that are found on most boats with particular focus on how they work, what keeps them running, and common mis-steps to avoid. We delve further into each system by providing both lecture and hands-on experience actually working on a few systems that are common to most boats.

This course covers sections including diesel, electrical, through-hulls, corrosion, and fluid management on your vessel. This is a good primer course for our electrical and diesel courses as it ties all the systems together illustrating how interdependent systems can affect each other.

2. How to disassemble and trouble shoot marine plumbing systems?

During the course each table (1-3 students) are given a marine head/toilet and taught how to disassemble and correct common failures. Yes, these are all brand new and never used!