Marine Diesel Course

Diesel engine training aid…..

  1. What is covered in the basic diesel course?

The basic course is a combination of lecture and hands on, starting off by covering principles of the operation of a diesel engine and the anatomy.  Our instruction includes a cutaway engine that cranks to demonstrate the principles of a working diesel engine.

During the course we will cover the different components and how they work together to move your vessel. We use multiple hands on stations and many of the components will be desk side for students to get hands-on reinforcement.

On day two, we take the gloves off. We cover maintenance and normal repairs in lecture, followed by hands on practice with two instructors there to help. In this two day course we change oil, fuel filters, impellors, and trouble shoot failure to crank electrical issues.

2. What is covered in the Level II diesel course?

The level II course is at our offsite location in Annapolis and is all hands on. We have several diesel engines that surprisingly are misbehaving to the point of failure. Students break into two groups and work to get engines running, with our instructor helping only a bit.

The second day is spent pulling the engines apart and going into much more depth of maintenance and repair.  We generally suggest you do not wear clothes you don’t want to get dirty.