Designed for every boater, this two-day introductory course gives you a firm foundation in local and regional weather. Knowing the terminology, tools, resources and the foundations for Marine Weather can help you keep all of your boating excursions safe and enjoyable. This 12-hour course combines lecture and hands-on activities designed to familiarize boaters with the basic principles of marine weather and how to use information at hand to make safe boating decisions in local waters. Students will work with case studies and exercises throughout the class.


  • Weather Terminology

  • Cloud Identification

  • Warning/Watch Systems

  • Beaufort Scale

  • How Tides & Currents affect Sea State

  • Anatomy of a Marine Weather Forecast

  • Local & Regional Weather

  • Electronic Resources & Apps

  • Traditional Weather Tools

  • Fog

Marine Weather: Level II

This 2-day class builds on the foundation of Weather Basics class. Students will perform several practical exercises to reinforce their understanding of surface weather charts. The class also introduces students to the 3-D aspects of weather such as 500 Mb upper air flow charts, ridges, and troughs. Understanding the upper air movement and its influence on the corresponding surface systems is a critical first step in making weather routing decisions. This class is essential for anyone venturing offshore and recommended for those looking to further understand marine weather.


  • 500 Mb Upper Air Charts

  • Troughs & Ridges

  • 500 Mb Flow Patterns

  • Practical Exercises using real-time Weather Charts