Vancouver Harbor Clear Day

Granville Island at marina…Keg Steakhouse was great.

Anacortes WA, No wind?

Water Taxi Vancouver

Granville Harbor light snow today!

Jervis Inlet/near Harmony Island Marine Park

Vancouver Night life…


Princess Louisa Inlet…

Jervis Inlet EnRoute PLI

Snow in Princess Louisa Inlet

Arrival PLI

Went for a walk…

Anacortes WA

We put together training trips to PNW/PLI and the area several times a year for students….

Pacific Northwest

Selene Trawler Bridge


Lookout “Rule 5”

No words needed.

Limited Visibility

Chatterbox Falls


Another beautiful day on water

Snack time…gota eat!


Lost track of how many waterfalls…

It’s warm inside!

Anyone can go in the summer!

Malibu Rapids Entrance

Call if you know where this is! 10% off any of our classes.